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Welcome to Discover Play School!

We are tucked away in a lovely environment in Kahilipara, Guwahati.  Our settings call our children into nature for exploration in every season.

For more than a decade, Discover Play School has nurtured children to grow into students with a love for learning and deep respect for life.  Our school is knit together with experienced faculty and involved parents creating an engaged and active community faithful to Montessori principles. Discover Play School also runs an Art School, a Dance School and a Music School in the same campus on Sundays between 9am and 1pm independent of the School routine.

Recognizing that children represent the future, we are dedicated to preparing them to be successful individuals who draw upon their unique qualities and strengths.  The foundation of a Montessori education is like no other.  Not only does it provide students with self-awareness, but it also encourages a sense of social responsibility - the desire to give back by doing something meaningful for others.

Parents often ask us, “What happens after Montessori?”  The answer is simple.  Their children leave us as confident and enthusiastic students because we have considered the whole child in the process of their education.   Our graduates stand out as creative problem solvers, known for their curiosity, perseverance and their ability to work collaboratively with others.

I encourage you to visit our campus.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Kalpana Bordoloi

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