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Discover Play School is located on Kahilipara Road in Guwahati. An area once part of the rural outskirts of the city is now a bustling and family-friendly district. Yet Discover Play School's campus remains a peaceful setting for the school’s students – and an integral element of their educational experience.


The Campus includes a kitchen for the preparation of snacks, as well as a deck and garden that are well-maintained. Their is ample space for outdoor play, as well as playground equipment.
Visits by appointment only please.


To ensure Discover Play School offers an authentic Montessori education, the school is led by certified Montessori educators and have consulting faculty visiting from Quality Schools International (QSI).


As Montessori educators we breathe life into Dr. Montessori's vision each day through our work with children, schools, and developing teachers. Given Montessori's legacy of the "scientific pedagogue" for whom the classroom is a living laboratory of human development and for whom the work of evolving pedagogy is never done, we continually examine and reflect on this work.

Seen through this frame, decisions about curriculum and assessment are reorganized as outcomes of child study, rather than as boxes within which to force-fit all.

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