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Q: What training does Discover Play School require of its teachers?

A: Teachers at Discover Play School are highly-trained professionals, with average teaching experience of more than 10 years.  The training is rigorous, with standards set according to Dr. Montessori's design. Each classroom must be equipped with special materials and be well maintained.

Q: What must parents observe in a Montessori School Classroom?

A: The word "Montessori" is not trademarked, and can be used by any school. Parents must conduct careful research and observe a classroom in operation in order to choose an authentic Montessori school for their child. 

Q: How much homework can I expect my child to have, and how often do they take tests?

A: A reasonable amount of homework is given. Traditional testing is a minor part of the Montessori experience. Students work toward mastery of a skill or concept through more hands-on approaches. Teachers monitor the individual learning of each student and report to parents through progress reports and parent-teacher conferences.

Q: At what age do children begin attending Discover Play School?

A. Ideally, children begin at age 2+ and continue through the Program. Each classroom at Discover Play School is a multi-age community.

Q: Does Discover Play School follow a standard curriculum?

A: A representative Montessori elementary curriculum was mapped against global education standards and exceeds the expectations of most standards bodies.


Organizing the child's space and routines is a rich art that is an integrated part of the Montessori 3-6 program. Why is this so important? Isn't organization primarily needed by the teacher so s/he can find what s/he needs to teach the children? Yes, but there is much more to it. The child absorbs the input s/he receives from the environmental directly into the neuronal framework within the brain. The structure of the brain is directly altered by the child's interactions with her environment.

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