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Budding minds, blooming hearts, such excitement and enthusiasm the wonder of Discover Play School that encompasses a child's view, I really celebrate such joy and feel happy to see it move forward in the right spirit. This is indeed an occasion rejoicing as it gives the young ones of this school to express themselves, to showcase their talents, each one of them carrying the potential to grow and flower properly.


It gives me great pleasure to see the school nurture the naturally inquisitive minds of such young people, and I am sure that the guidance the children are being given will enable them to foster the best in them. Nurturing a young mind is a task of great responsibility, it carries the stamp of a culture's future and it is in this process of moulding that the foundation of society rests. A play school is the true nursery of knowledge as it envisions and prepares the child to face and participate in the world. This is a process of anticipation and understanding which the entire community owes to the various stages of education. Moulding a young mind for the future involves a dialogue with the past as well as a sense of the present, and I am hopeful that such a conversation is what this school is inculcating in these children. These are young people in preparation of a world they are going to

shape in the coming years, and as they learn and grow, we owe it to them to recognize the best in them by giving them the opportunity to take the paths which are best for them. I commend the teachers and the entire family of this play school, and hope that this process will set an example for others to emulate and follow.


Dr. Mridul Hazarika

Vice Chancellor

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